eMail Marketing Best Practices

Before you download any email marketing software free full version out there,
make sure you compare all your options

Here are the TOP 10 Best Practices of eMail Marketing:

1. Don’t Spam: How annoying! You know the feeling of getting unsolicited email from someone or some company offer. Spamming the internet does nobody any good. It will only hurt your brand and you will be labelled a spammer forever. Please don’t use any email marketing software that promises you to email everyone on the planet and promising you that you will make a sale online.

2. Educate: Your subscribers want to learn more about your service or products, so give it to them. Email them any facts, especially fun facts related to what you are offering. You can get a lot of free fun facts from wikipedia and by simply searching on any search engine online.

3. Entertain: Cat and Dog videos anyone? If you can make them smile and make your subscribers happy then you are golden. Be careful of overdoing it because don’t want to be seen as a clown, unless you are in the clowning business. Find entertaining images and videos and stories online related to your business or organization as an anecdote to your main content. It is like icing to the cake.

4. Inspire: coming soon

5. Call-t0-Action: coming soon

6. Ask Questions: coming soon

7. Suggest Resources: coming soon

8. News: coming soon

9. Frequency: coming soon

10. Just Do It Now: No more excuses. What are you waiting for? Today is the best day. Now is the best time to start creating your email marketing strategy. Stop procrastinating. Do it now. If you need help, let me know. What’s keeping you from doing it now, not tomorrow, not later?

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