1. Your website does not have any specific, targeted keyword to rank at all. You have no idea what key terms you like your website targets specifically.

2. Your website contains many duplicated content. Google penalizes a website that simply copied other texts from other websites. You can curate information relevant to your website but that has to be done in moderation.

3. Your site images do not have a proper “alt tag” phrase. Google also ranks images on a website.

4. You are trying to rank on a very competitive keyword term against other similar businesses that have a full-time in house SEO specialist.

5. Your webpages do not have a proper extension names i.e. versus

6. You don’t constantly create new relevant content for your target market.

7. Your website has many programming errors i.e. javascript coding errors.

8. Your website is not interlinked properly to all the social media platforms you have. One way of utilizing all your social media networks is to make sure your website hyperlink is visible for people to click.

9. You don’t have enough social media profiles to showcase your website. Not everybody uses Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. The idea is to research and figure out where your ideal clients are in the social media mix and become an active participant on those areas to be noticed as an expert in the field.

10. You don’t hire a good SEO consultant to give you the advise you desperately need to drive more traffic to your website today. SEO is like building a house. You can learn how to build a house or would you rather hire a contractor to do it for you. Sure, you can learn SEO if you put in the time and energy to focus on what search engine optimization is all about.

The ten reasons above are some of the many factors affecting a search engine ranking. In reality, SEO is constantly changing to filter out any spamming activities that other optimizers are doing to outsmart the algorithm of Google. In my experience for more than 5 years as a local Vancouver Freelance SEO consultant, it always disappoints me to find out that most websites neglect their search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Building the most flashy website would do you no good if nobody can find it while searching for your service or product online. The secret to SEO is ongoing constant production of relevant content that your target market wants and needs. If you qualify, I want to offer a pro-bono service as an SEO consultant. I want to showcase your business venture as a case study of ranking on Google to gather more satisfied clients. I can give you a FREE consultation via email of why your website is buried underneath the search engines. My Vancouver SEO Consulting Services is done one on one and in person where we meet locally. I only work with companies I truly believe in so please don’t be disappointed if I refuse to help you when you contact me. My rate is negotiable depending on your project. I specialize optimizing WordPress websites. I choose WordPress as a platform because I do coach my clients on how to update their own sites after building it for them. Besides helping different local businesses as a local Vancouver Freelance SEO consultant, I am also committed to help Non-Profit Charities improve their internet marketing. As part of my dedication to make a positive difference in the community I also like to promote and support various social ventures. If you want to learn more of the benefits of SEO for your business let’s meet in person. I’ve been a local Vancouver SEO Consultant for over 5 years now.


  • TESTIMONIAL: “Noel helped teach our staff the importance of fully utilizing Google Adwords to help raise awareness of our nonprofit’s work and to drive traffic to our website. He took the time to show us, step by step and at a pace that worked for us, what we needed to do more effectively in order to reach our online audience. His strong understanding of analytics and internet marketing, along with his willingness to help worthy causes made him a pleasure to work with.” – Emily Pickett, Program Coordinator Vancouver Humane Society

  • TESTIMONIAL: “Noel had some good insights into the intricacies of analytics & how to search keywords to maximize SEO. He not only has technical expertise but he also understands the marketing side of website design.” – Dan Falk, Argentine Tango Instructor in Vancouver & Owner of Tango Moderna

  • TESTIMONIAL: “Noel successfully redesigned our website layout to be more SEO-friendly and help us generate more leads online. He also trained my staff effectively to seamlessly update the new site with no problem. I recommend him as an Internet Marketing Consultant to help you generate more traffic online.” – Steve Rosenberg, Founder of Pull Focus Film School, Vancouver, B.C.

  • TESTIMONIAL: “We met Noel at downtown Vancouver and was impressed by his straight forward and practical approach on helping us brainstorm on how to uncover the specific internet marketing keywords to target in order to reach our desired group of people online more strategically. I recommend Noel as an Internet Marketing Consultant.” – Shaun Frankson, Co-Founder of Plastic Bank as seen on the Kevin O’Leary & Amanda Lang Show about Social Plastic, Port Moody, B.C.

  • “I had the pleasure of meeting with Noel this week. He offered some very valuable insight in how to cultivate a smart PPC Advertising Initiative and set some very realistic expectations. He helped me strategically brainstorm ideas to achieve the results we are looking for. His friendly demeanour went over very well with the CF Team.” – Tim Van Samang, Digital Marketing Manager at CF Canada Financial Group Inc.

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